Transition to a Sustainable Dairy Industry

Maleny Dairies – Pilot Project

A Sunshine Coast Regional Project based at Maleny Dairies. The project goal is to demonstrate how, the transitioning to regenerative agricultural practice, in an industry in decline could achieve outstanding productivity and product far exceeding current quality standards.

Starting With Conventional Pasture & Soil

An unbalanced conventional soil sample. Very low Phosphorus, Silicon, Boron, Manganese. High Nitrate N and excessive Hydrogen(acid pH)
30cm hard compacted layer

The Transition

A Sustainable Nutrient Source

Australian Dairy Farm: Milk protein trial results from cows grazed on Rural Boss treated pastures. Improved performance was identified in animal health, pasture quality and pasture dry matter production.

Milk protien increase with RuralBoss

Multi Species Pasture

Why a Multi Species Pasture?

  • Quorum sensing
  • Mimic nature
  • Disease and pest resistance
  • Different growth characteristics
  • Mineral cycling
  • Rooting depths

Maleny block Planted 24 March 2020 Flail mulched to set kikuyu back 8 plant species with different varieties

1st Grazing 29 April 2020 : 3000kg feed 35 days from planting

Glomalin on roots
The biological aerator 45 days
60cm 60 day
Aeration, infiltration

Soil Life Is The New Fertilizer And Machinery

  • Aerates the soil
  • Binds the soil
  • Mineralizes nutrients
  • Feeds the plant symbiotically
  • Protect plants
  • Retains nutrients
  • Prevents leaching
  • Builds Humus
  • Holds water, 1% increase in Om will hold 170 000 l more water/ha

Infiltration on multi species block 2min58s. Next door 8min 33s for 25mm

Add water

The Results of this 120 day Project

What could this do for the local region and then further afield ?

  • Drastically reduce surface runoff of sediment into SEQ water catchments and the GBR with better infiltration and nutrient retention.
  • Decrease fertilizer and chemical requirements. Healthier products.
  • Completely prevent Nitrate and Phosphate water pollution by building Humus.
  • Increase milk and beef production and decrease cost of production.
  • Dramatically increase on farm profitability.
  • Its better to decrease the COP on every liter produced than produce a few more liters. Focus on what farmers can control not milk price!
  • Increase capital investment on farms.
  • Attract next generation of farmers back and create employment.