Dr Grow It All

The Organic Solution to the World’s Growing Problems

IMGP0186editDr Grow It All™, is certified by Australian Certified Organic as a Biological Farmers of Australia allowed organic input. This organic liquid fertiliser and soil rejuvenator with Microbial Balancing Technology, increases crop yield and promotes healthier plants more naturally resistant to pest, disease and climatic variations. It is a complete natural nutrient for all herbs, vegies, fruit and garden care. Being pH neutral, which is so important for immediate plant acceptance of nutrients, premium results are rapidly achieved. By using Dr Grow It All™ flavour and the nutritional value of produce will be noticeably enhanced.

  • Delivers Microbial Balancing Technology – a complete range of beneficial bacteria for optimum results in both plants and soil
  • Concentrated, cost effective and easy to use
  • Increases yield and a longer production period
  • Rapidly increases microbial activity for healthy soil
  • pH neutral = immediate plant acceptance
  • Accelerates dry matter breakdown creating a valuable carbon source
  • Establishes a healthy deep root system
  • Increases a natural resistance to pest, disease and climatic variation
  • Enhances flavour and nutritional value
  • For premium results use all year round