From the Chair…

From the Chair…

CGS Deputy Chairman, Terry Stokes and CGS Chairman , Lou Hatton (on right)…having way too much fun in the garden !!

Howdy folks

Believe it or not they actually got the Chairman to do something …write a report!

Lets hope it’s a sustainable effort like everything else in our centre.

Looking back on our 6 months of operation (we were incorporated on 14 Feb) we have hit the ground running and certainly stamped our presence in many ways.

The most important being our incredible volunteer effort, just look at the CGS surrounds!  The transformation is unbelievable and it ain’t finished yet!  Well done guys and girls you are making CGS what it should be … a living practical example of how sustainable action should look “on the ground”.

There are many other great achievements but let me share some real progress of late.

We are privileged to have been selected as one of our council’s community partners.  The Community Partnership Program was decided recently and we have been granted $10,000.00 to help us along the way. Thank you Sunshine Coast Regional Council we won’t let you down.

Then under the federal government’s Volunteer Support program we received $5,000 .00 towards equipment for our hard working volunteers.  We are seeking feedback as to what is really required and expect to see purchases sometime in September.

Then I received a call from Todd English, Manager of Palmwoods Community Branch, Heritage Bank.  This is our local branch and they have shown their confidence to grant us $7,500.00 so that we can turn the lights and power on in CGS Headquarters.  The presentation ceremony is at 11am at the Palmwoods Duck Ponds, so we would be happy to see you there.  CGS is all about looking after those who look after us (it’s the sustainable policy we follow) so lets all get behind Todd and his crew at Palmwoods Community Branch.

There is huge news on the go regarding a special visit and major announcement in October but more about that later.

All for now, and all the very best



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