CGS Garden Committee has Germinated !!

CGS Garden Committee has Germinated !!

As the temperature drops things have been heating up here at CGS HQ (and no, it’s not the compost!). Planning is underway for the grounds and gardens, with the formation of the new Garden Committee. The Committee will act as the driving force behind the planning and implementation of the CGS gardens, bringing to the table their expertise on all things horticulture, permaculture, ecological and environmental. At the helm we have Jenece Drake and Justin Nigh, permaculture gurus and all round gardening experts. Providing support we have Maria, Brian, Alan, Maureen, Jim and Michelle. The gardens will be the showpiece for the Centre and fundamental in it’s delivery of sustainability education and community outreach. They will act as sites for scientific research, living classrooms, tourism, and food production (depending on how hard you work, you may be able to take home some tasty organic produce!).IMG_5784

The Committee aims to take a holistic approach. We are conscious of the growing pressures on our natural life support systems, and we wish to facilitate community resilience, locally and globally well into the future; that starts with knowing how to produce food in an environmentally sensitive manner.

And there’s no better place to showcase this information than at the Sunshine Coast’s premiere tourist attraction, the Big Pineapple. We are very grateful for the land owners belief in the CGS vision, and we would also like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Sunshine Coast region, the Gubbi Gubbi people. We hope their wisdom will guide us. Stay tuned as we bring you more information…



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